Corporate Office security

We understand how important it is to protect all your assets; from employees to clients and your premises. Our Corporate Security Solutions enhance your business operations, working in partnership to align your security strategy.

As the first point of contact for not only your staff but the general public, those who you employ to look after your front office has a huge impact on your business.

From the second an employee or guest comes through the door, our office security guards will conduct the formal ID checks in a professional and welcoming manner.

At B & Kay Security ltd, our staff are influenced to always be a friendly face and lend an ear or help anyone who walks in. Our office security guards will be polite and professional to everyone from the first person clocking in to the last to leave.

Whether there are people trying to access your establishment without permission, or employees becoming disruptive, rest assured that B & Kay office security guards will deter such behaviour from occurring.

Anti-social behaviour of any kind is a distraction for everyone else’s working day and could cause potential damage to your business’ reputation. That’s why our security guards are trained to SIA-approved standards to deal with any physical or verbal threats to ensure your office environment is protected.

Let our office security serve you in keeping unsolicited situations away from your premises. Our Security Guards who work in office environments exercise discretion with vigilance to ensure that opportunists do not take the often relaxed atmosphere for a weakness in security.

We continuously train our security personnel and ensure that your office protocols are clear to all staff, our security guards are able to ensure that your building is safe, we monitor out of hour patrols and ensure that sensitive areas of your building, boiler room, plant room, server room are safe and secure. We are also able to coordinate with your contractors, in the event of a leak or malfunction.

For more information on our solution to Office Security, please contact us for a no obligation proposal and quote.  

(At B & Kay Security ltd we understand the importance of competent security to allow events to run smoothly. With the rise of terrorism and the progression of criminal activity over the past few years, it is increasingly necessary to have a fall safe security procedure in place.)