Residential Security 

Residential Security will protect and secure your home, apartment or gated residential community from thieves, vandals or intruders. B and Kay Security ltd supplies Residential Security guards on a permanent or temporary basis. Our Residential Security Officers will patrol your residential community or home effectively to deter crime and vandalism and help you sleep peacefully.

Most home burglaries occur during the day when most people are at work or busy going about their day. During the summer months, with people away on holiday and windows left open during the hot weather, residential crime increases. B & Kay Security can provide around the clock Residential Security Officers to deter burglars and intruders from entering your home or residential community. We offer affordable, monitored Home Security solutions and are tailored to meet your requirements and work effectively for you.

B & Kay Security has a range of Residential Security solutions available from guarding a single residence to supplying a team of officers supported by electronic systems. All our Residential Security Officers are highly trained, security vetted to our exact standards, CRB checked and hold a SIA Licence. B & Kay Residential Security Officers can be a highly visible presence to deter criminal activity or as a discreet part of the day-to-day running of your household.

Do not allow your residential property or residential community to be another target of crime or vandalism. The effect of burglary or personal attack in your home is extremely traumatising. You may return from holiday or checking on a home you are renovating to find squatters have moved in which can lead to a long and costly battle to evict. Whatever the circumstances, good prevention will not only protect your home but bring you peace of mind. Residential Security can be an affordable solution to ensuring a highly effective security solution that is customised to fit your requirements and budget.

All our Residential Security officers are polished professionals who understand the art of protection in an atmosphere that is geared to the more personal nature of security bringing a specialised approach to meet the expectations of residential clients. Respect, courtesy, and customer service are an important part of effective Residential Security. B & Kay Security ltd only provides Residential Security Officers who are hand-picked to adapt to the specific needs of our clients.

If you are a property owner or a manager of a residential building, safety of occupants and your building is of the utmost importance. We bring you the best solutions to Residential Security available. Your home is your sanctuary and the invasion of your home or private space can be particularly frightening. B & Kay Security ltd provides a professional, safe environment that you, your residents and insurance company will appreciate.

B and Kay Security Ltd guards provide a Residential Security experience that is second to none, so why not give us a call and let us protect your home !